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Nine out of ten women have benign, non-cancerous breast conditions. And all women have questions about breast health, from breast-feeding to hormone replacement therapy. Read more about these and many more women’s wellness topics.

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Women are affected by multiple sclerosis 50% more often than men. This disease of the central nervous system often affects young adults. Read about symptoms and advances in treatments.

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Maintaining bone health at all stages of one's lifetime is important. Learn about bone health, osteoporosis, and put the Bone Health Checklist into practice.

Sports and Orthopedic Medicine Resource Center


Treatment for sports and orthopedic injuries has seen major advances in the past few years. Learn about various injuries and the best treatments.

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Are you a proactive patient? Are you interested in alternative medicine? What is that test your doctor ordered? Read about these and more topics.

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Nutrition For Breast Cancer

img healthy livingMaintaining a well-balanced diet during breast cancer treatment can help patients better cope with side effects, regain strength, and rebuild tissues damaged by cancer. However, some patients may find it difficult to eat well during treatment due to certain side effects (such as nausea or diarrhea) or the emotional burden a diagnosis of breast cancer can bring.

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