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Additional Information and Suggested Links on Biopsy and Pathology

The Biopsy Report: A Patient's Guide is the website of Edward O. Uthman, MD a board certified pathologist (Diplomat, American Board of Pathology). The site is very information and contains a discussion of types of biopsies, biopsy specimen processing, pathologic examination, and glossary of important diagnostic terms.

Pathology Images: Dr. Uthman also maintains a second website of pathology images at . Both gross pathologic photographs (photographic images of tissue samples) and microscopic images of tissue samples are shown.

The Biopsys/Johnson and Johnson website ( provides information on suction assisted breast biopsy using the Mammotome biopsy system. Two interesting breast biopsy case studies are shown in the Healthcare Professionals section.

Pathology Laboratories of Arkansas, P.A. maintains a website that is mostly geared towards physicians. However, there are several sections that may provide useful for the lay people including a section and basic diagram illustrating fine needle aspiration

Updated: January 2006