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Siemens - MAGNETOM MR Systems in Women's Health

Magnetic Resonance (MR) imaging plays an ever-increasing role in women's health and the non-invasive diagnosis of such conditions as breast, uterine and ovarian cancer. MR breast imaging holds tremendous potential as a problem-solving tool in the diagnosis of breast cancer and is perhaps the best method to image breast implants to check for implant leakage or rupture.

Transverse fast acquisition breast MR images without contrast (top) and with contrast (bottom). Note how the abnormality as seen in the lower breast image on the bottom is "highlighted" by the contrast (Gadolinium DTPA).

Transverse high-resolution MR mammography of breast and implants. Note the implant twisting on the upper (top) image and the implant valve on the lower (bottom) image

Siemens MR systems are designed with the patient in mind to provide optimal diagnostic quality with maximum comfort and minimum exam times. Siemens has lead the way in the development of special MR technology to enable high contrast and high resolution imaging of the breast and female pelvis.

Siemen MR Symphony MR Scanner

Coronal MR image of pelvis showing the ovaries and uterus