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Breast Cancer Forums and Chats

Note: The following directory of online government/nonprofit and commercial websites is provided merely as a reference to users. Imaginis does not endorse and takes no responsibility whatsoever for the information found on the following websites.

The Association of Cancer Online Resources ( is a nonprofit organization that provides 99 electronic mailing lists specifically designed to be public online support groups for a variety of diseases and conditions. Email lists include: breast cancer survivors, breast-onc (current advances in breast cancer research), cancer patients forum, cancer-fatigue (fatigue associated with cancer and cancer treatments), clinical trial notification, and many more. There are over one million subscribers to ACOR mailing lists.

Breast Cancer Action Nova Scotia(BCANS; is a non-profit discussion forum that has been online since 1996. The website contains over 75,000 searchable, archived messages that address on all aspects of breast cancer. Users may post and reply to messages and publish their biographies on the site. BCANS is funded by the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation and The Breast Cancer Fund.

Friends In Need ( is a forum specifically for women at high risk of getting ovarian cancer and/or breast cancer. Please visit the various links of Friends In Need and meet new friends who you can gain support from and share your concerns with. An visitor recommended this site.

OncoChat ( is a web chat designed for anyone who has or has had cancer. Topics include all aspects of cancer as well as non-cancer issues such as politics, religion, family and life in general. OncoChat also maintains an extensive directory of online resources related to cancer support, treatment, and research.

Trusera ( is an online health network that provides real-world breast cancer information, tips, and stories.

Updated: December 30, 2008